Mission Statement

Our mission at Six Nine Two is to help beach volleyball players realize their dreams. Our coaches use their experience, leadership, dedication and passion for the game to create a system that will allow our players to understand and excel at beach volleyball. We are constantly expanding and revising our system to provide our players with the greatest technical advantages. We aspire to create a supportive atmosphere and a positive experience that  will allow our players to reach success at the highest level.

692 is a program designed to train juniors in Beach Volleyball. Beach Volleyball for juniors is quickly gaining popularity in Texas and in 2005 we started a program in Dallas called 692 that immediately became the most successful Beach Volleyball program in the country, with our players dominating every age division. Dozens of our players were invited to the Olympic Training Center each year to train with the USA Beach National Team and our teams have won 17 National Championships. 65 of our players have received beach volleyball scholarships in Division One programs around the country, including every top program in the NCAA. Our players are featured in several newspaper articles every year and were featured in Volleyball Magazine as “stars of the future” in 2009 and 2010. 

Beach Volleyball is an NCAA sport and Colleges all over the nation are looking for beach volleyball players to represent their universities. We are constantly developing new programs to help our players get beach volleyball scholarships. They are available out there right now and we have been talking to the coaches of different schools to develop relationships and to find out what they are looking for. We have taken recruiting trips to many of the universities to see their facilities and talk to their coaches. We are putting together information for our players, helping them shoot videos, and taking them to the tournaments they need to go to in order to be seen by these prospective Universities. We are doing everything we can to make sure that we have the most comprehensive recruiting program in the country

Our program is an elite team coached by professional beach volleyball players. Coaching beach volleyball for juniors requires a combination of playing experience to understand the game, and coaching experience to know how to teach the game. Our coaches have decades of experience doing both and this has given our program a 16 year track record of producing some of the best juniors players in the country. Our programs success is proven on the podium. We have trained scores of players over the last 16 years that have dominated this region in every age group, trained at the Olympic Training Center, have been invited to represent the USA in international competition, and have received division one scholarships to play beach volleyball in college. 

Six Nine Two provides year-round training with our Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Programs. Our Spring season starts in February and runs up to our Summer tryout in May, then our Summer season runs until late July, Fall runs from August until October, and our Winter season runs from October until our Spring starts in February. Our Winter and Spring seasons also includes a strength training program we call 692FIT that is designed to build strength, increase vertical and reduce injury.

I know that it is difficult in June to get the girls to a practice during the day when both parents work, but we feel that training the girls in the heat is a necessary part of the game and we want them to be able to make it through a weekend tournament in the middle of the summer. The conditioning portion of these sessions is specifically designed to increase the girls’ verticals and develop speed and stamina in the sand. Your fees cover a water bottle at every practice and everything except tournament entry fees (which are about $30-50/player) and your traveling expenses to tournaments. There is a tournament every Friday Night at The Strand and almost every weekend during the Spring and Summer season. These weekend tournaments are on Saturday or Sunday. All practices and all tournaments are completely optional, so if you have vacation you need to work around, no problem. Our most successful teams will be at most practices and play in most tournaments, but some of our teams will only play in a few tournaments. Your commitment level is entirely up to you.

Check out the bios of our coaches in the coaches section and look what we have accomplished with our players over the last 16 years and you will understand why we are the most successful beach volleyball program in the country.

For information contact Dar at   [email protected]

or Jenni at 972.899.2222 (text only)

“692 has taken my beach volleyball skills to the next level in such a short period of time! I owe all of my success to all of the awesome coaches at 692! Every coach is extremely knowledgeable about beach volleyball and that is apparent in all of their hands-on practices. It’s a great program, and it will have you in the best shape of your life! Go 692!

– Sarah Agnew


“The 692 coaches are the reason this program is so successful! Their experience and knowledge of beach volleyball has resulted in the numerous accomplishments of the 692 players! Playing for any other sand volleyball program is a waste of your time, money and sunscreen! Scott has been coaching my daughters for the last 5 years and he has taken them from complete beginners to two time national champions!”

– Reggie Braasch


“When I was looking for a beach volleyball program for my daughter, I was told by her indoor coach, “If you want to play beach volleyball, the only club you want your daughter to play for is 692 Beach.  The coaching at 692 is far superior to any other club in the region”. When we joined, it became evident why. The knowledge, dedication and ability of these coaches to take my daughter from an entry level beach player and mold her into a nationally ranked player within a two year time frame amazed me!  Scott and his gifted coaching staff have cultivated a program that mirrors the exact way they themselves trained as professional beach players. This is the primary reason why our 692 athletes are being sought after by college coaches and recruiters. I am grateful and feel very blessed to have my daughter be a part of the 692 family!”

– Sommer Durante

“This is Kate’s third year to play at 692 and we can’t say enough about what a fantastic experience it has been. After playing years of indoor, she found beach volleyball to be the perfect sport for her. Thanks to Dar, Chuck and the other coaches, she progressed quickly. Their knowledge and love for the game gave her the confidence to take it to the next level and she began training year round, with the hope of playing in college. Not only has she learned the game, but she has also learned many life lessons and developed many friendships as well. 692 is the best program around and we feel blessed to be a part of it!”

– Meg and Kelly Privett


“692 started out with Mykah when she was so young she was barely a twig. He built her endurance, developed muscles she didn’t even know she had, and gave her the gift of beach volleyball.  We love the program and see this being a part of her life for a long time.”

– Sharon Wilson


“We commute from Houston to play at 692 and our daughter wears the 692 gear with pride, knowing that she is part of the best Beach Volleyball program in the country! We found in 692 the best quality of coaching, personalized attention as well as invaluable mentoring in Beach Volleyball. The dedication of the coaches and their encouragement is evident in the way that they motivate the players to succeed. We are now playing Beach Volleyball year round  and loving every season of it! When we have traveled out of State, the 692 coaches stand out from the rest, they are recognized and praised for the quality of the players they produce. In addition, the camaraderie that they have developed among 692 players is simply remarkable! We are proud to be a part of 692”

– Miriam Leitko

“Our daughter, Grace, started playing sand volleyball at 692 two years ago.  She began with zero knowledge of the game and is now competing in National Championships.  We can’t thank the coaches at 692 enough for all of their superior coaching and development!  The great thing about 692 is the coaches all have knowledge and experience as beach players – they understand all aspects of the game and are truly excited to pass this knowledge on to the next generation of players.  They love the sport and the girls and that shows in all they do!”

– Jean Christiansen


“Sadie has played with 692 for over 4 years and is extremely proud to be a part of the 692 National Team.  After training our first season with 692, we understood that they had the complete package, including the best training with experienced professional coaches.  From results driven practices to highly competitive tournaments our daughter is encouraged and pushed to be the best she can be both mentally and physically. Dar and the 692 coaches commitment to a top quality program, love of the players and families, intensity of practice and passion for the sport create the perfect environment for learning.  We would not trade our experience at 692 for any other sports program and highly recommend this organization to anyone wishing to provide the best beach volleyball experience for their child!”

– Lori Hinderliter

“Our daughter Hayley has been part of the 692 program for about 2 years now and she has really enjoyed it and learned a lot! Her first impression at her initial practice was that there were coaches on each court giving fun and personal instruction to each group. She felt comfortable right away and her confidence grew as she became more confident each week, learning all the skills that would see her eventually on the National Team.  As parents we did not know how the transition would go from indoor to beach but it has been fantastic for our daughter and us! Scott and his team have also done a great job with frequently updating the website to help with logistics for out of town tournaments and such and Hayley is comfortable making travel and hotel reservations for herself and parents now. We would highly recommend this program for anyone thinking about beach volleyball for their daughter or son…if you want to play Beach this is the place to be for kids and parents”

– Tony and Denise Boll


“This was my daughters first time to play beach volleyball and she had an excellent experience with the coaches and staff at 692.  I watched my daughters skill level, respect for the game and competitive spirit improve every single week. She enjoyed it so much she will be participating in the Fall program and we will be back next year!”

– Allen Billbray


“McKenzie has played over five years with 692.  Scott Stover and the coaching staff have been invaluable in her development.  The strengths that she developed in beach have also transferred to her indoor game as well.  We have enjoyed watching her learn the game from some of the best. The personal attention she gets from the coaches during practice is fabulous.  You will find a coach on each court working directly with girls running a variety of drills based on their age and skill level. McKenzie has strengthened both her physical and mental game thanks to 692. I would recommend Scott and the his staff  to anyone looking for their child to reach their full potential and compete at the highest level.”

– Steve and Missy Nichols


“Hey!! Of course I have only great stuff to say about 692! I mean look at where it has taken us!! All of the coaches are great, committed, and just all around great people that definitely know the game of beach volleyball! They make beach volleyball fun and enjoyable while still pushing you during the practices! We have been to the Olympic Training Center many times over the past few years and 692 only teaches the best techniques in beach volleyball and are always adding new drills and techniques that improve my game every practice! What else is there to say? 692 is the place to go by far!!”

– Kiersten Braasch

“692 has been a HUGE part of our daughter’s volleyball development.  This is her second season to play beach, and she made the 15U High Performance Olympic Program as a 13 year old.  Several of the coaches at the camp spoke highly about the 692 training. Our daughter has fallen in love with beach volleyball and now wants to play in college.  692 beach has helped her immensely with her indoor game as well. Our first thought with joining 692 was to simply allow her to maintain touches on the ball and conditioning for indoor, but her love for the sport has grown into a desire to play beach as her first priority.  The coaches are all wonderful and encouraging, but we have a special place in our hearts for Scott! He really pushes the players, but he cares so much about the players and families that he makes you want to be a better person and player. Thanks 692 for inspiring our daughter!”

– Kelly Bass


My 12 year old daughter Gracey loves this sport and the 692 coaches so much that we drive almost every week from Arkansas for her to train with them.  They push her to be her best at every single practice. Her first year playing with 692 she competed in two National Tournaments. The level of knowledge these coaches have is evident in the types of players that come out of their program. There is no doubt that the coaches love the game and care about the girls. There is no other place we’d rather be! If you want to grow your game in the sand, then 692 is the place to be!”

– Robyn Campbell


“My daughter’s volleyball skills and confidence improved so much in her first season of beach volleyball with 692! The coaches are thorough in the techniques and strategies they teach. Because they are all so encouraging, they make hard work fun!”

– Sarah Thompson


“I’m excited for Sophie to get a beach scholarship and be a part of the inaugural year of NCAA Beach Volleyball. This summer was Sophie’s third season with 692 and her success was all thanks to Scott and the other 692 Coaches who are amazingly dedicated to the girls. We have played in tournaments in Alabama, Texas, Florida and California and it has shown us that our 692 girls are able to compete and win tournaments at the highest level. The Coaches at 692 go over and above to help any girls that are passionate about this sport and willing to work hard.  I love seeing all the young ten and twelve year olds out there, they are really good and even winning tournaments in much older age groups! If they stick with the program at 692, they will have a great future ahead of them!!”

– Michaela Asprey

“The 692 Beach program provided a physically demanding, fun and exciting way for my daughter to play volleyball when she started at age twelve. After four seasons, the 692 Beach Volleyball program clearly improved my daughters strength, agility, quickness and ball control, but it also did great things for her enthusiasm and understanding of the game, both indoor and out.”

– Jana Reed


“I really loved my experience at 692. I felt like the coaches knew what they were teaching us and I had alot of fun. I always looked forward to going to practice, and I really improved on my beach volleyball game.”

– Tori Durney


“My daughter has played for 692 Beach Volleyball for the past three years.  As a parent, it is important to me that my daughter is receiving quality instruction, continuously improving her game, and having fun in the process.  Dar and the coaches at 692 Beach Volleyball have done a fantastic job providing a first class beach volleyball program to athletes here in North Texas, and 692’s dedication to excellence is evident in the results that their players are achieving on the court in tournaments throughout the United States.  Madison now participates in the program year-round, and it has improved not only her beach volleyball game, but her indoor game as well. We are proud to endorse 692 Beach Volleyball.”   

– Brandt Johnson

“Being a new parent in the youngest age group I had no idea what to expect. I had heard that 692 was the place to be for girls that were serious about beach volleyball. Well, now that the year is done, I totally get it! After watching a good dozen plus tournaments its so obvious that no one trains or plays the way 692 does! Our girls were amazing, working extraordinarily hard all year and learned what beach volleyball is all about. Kelly absolutely loved it, became an incredible young sand volleyball player and will play 692 beach volleyball for years to come.” 

– Larry Dorn


“This was my daughters first time playing with 692 and it really made a big difference in how they are playing now. I want to make a special remark about Bivin, he is a wonderful coach and a great human being.”

– Mirta Echaniz


“This summer was my first time playing beach volleyball, and I’ve learned so much. My partner and I have really improved over the season. The coaches are so nice and welcoming. When I was new and didn’t know anything about beach volleyball, they didn’t get frustrated, they understood and were patient.”

– Allison Jackson


“This was my daughter’s first time playing with 692. She loved the program! The coaches were great and she learned so much. She will definitely be back next summer.”

– Joyce Koop


“Everyone involved in the 692 program is amazing! They have helped me accomplish so much in the past two seasons that I have been playing and I don’t know where I would be without them. Scott and all of the coaches care about helping their players become the best they can be. Their devotion to this sport and to the players is easily recognizable through their extra efforts at the tournaments, their availability for extra practice, and the attitude they instill in all of their players to outwork and outplay everyone else.”

– Christina McAfee


“Our daughter Jensyn began playing beach volleyball last summer.  She had never played beach before, only indoor in high school and club.  Within 2 weeks of starting with the 692 coaches, there was a dramatic difference in her confidence when she played. Every single 692 coach that we come in contact with always takes an interest in helping Jensyn improve as a player and they all give very individualized attention to each of the players.  The encouragement and technical coaching that we receive from 692 is outstanding. Thank you Scott for all your efforts. We are so thankful to be a part of 692!”

– Karri Bledsoe

“Whamo! Cool coaches, great coaching, wonderful friends, good times”

– Haley & Harper Hallgren