Athletes who have the highest level of performance take part in training programs outside of practice, and this is STRONGLY recommended. 692FIT is our training program designed to turn players into athletes by building strength and athleticism to better their performance in the sport. The players in the program can feel a difference, and the coaches can see a difference, after committing to our program to bettering themselves out of the sand.

Our strength training program focuses on olympic style lifts, unilateral accesory excercises, beach volleyball specific plyometrics, and mobility work. It is designed to help players jump higher, move faster, hit harder, and most of all avoid injury.

We have two sessions of 692FIT each year. Our Winter session starts in mid-November and runs until mid February, and our Spring session starts in Mid February and runs until the end of May.

Information for enrollment in each session will be sent out to our Winter and Spring groups after tryouts

Our seasons coincide with our volleyball seasons, so we open registration at the beginning of each WINTER and SPRING season and athletes commit to 20-24 lifting sessions each season. We do not offer 692FIT in the Summer or Fall Season.