What are the age divisions for beach volleyball?

Starting in 2010, the age divisions have been the same as indoor, but beach only uses 18U, 16U, 14U, 12U. You move to a new division in September.  

Do I need to find my own partner?

You do not need a partner to tryout and you do not need a partner for practices. We practice in small groups. The 692 coaches will do their best to match you with a good partner for tournaments, but in the end it is your choice and your responsibility to find a partner for yourself.

How long is the beach season?

We have four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Summer runs from early May through the end of July. The summer ends at the beginning of August because most high school programs start their team camps.

When do practices begin?

Practices begin immediately after each tryout. 

Why are the practices during the day in the summer?

Our summer practices are scheduled during the day because we very strongly feel that training in the heat is an important part of the game. The tournaments on the weekends can sometimes run 8-10 hours long and in the middle of the summer it is very difficult to make it through a tournament that long if you haven’t been acclimated to the heat the way our girls have.

Do you have to go to all of the tournaments on the schedule?

No, All tournaments are optional. You can pick and choose which events you want to go to. You only have to coordinate things with your partner. You can just play in a few events if you want, or just the local events if you don’t want the expense of traveling. I will say that you are not getting the full experience if you are not traveling to some events at the beach, but it’s up to you.

What if you have to miss a practice or will be out of town for a week on vacation?

All practices are also optional. You have paid for the entire season, but if you can’t make a practice, you just don’t come. We probably have 20% of players missing practice on any given day. You don’t have to notify the coaches at all if you are going to miss. We just focus on the players at practice on any given day. (but remember, you get out what you put in, so I wouldn’t miss too often)

What equipment do we need to bring to practice each day?

You will need your ball and sunglasses each day at practice.

What kind of sunglasses do we need?

You will get more information from us after the season starts, but you need plastic sports sunglasses. No metal frame sunglasses (which can cut your face if you get hit with the ball) and no large fashion sunglasses.

What do the players wear?

Juniors beach players wear anything from bathing suits to shorts and a tshirt. 692 requires all of our players to wear our top during competitions OR a 692 Tshirt, but they can wear anything they want to practice and on Friday Night Tournaments.

Where are the tournaments and how often do they have them?

Different organizations host events throughout the summer. 692 hosts will host several weekend tournaments this summer. We will also be hosting a series of Friday Night Tournaments at The Strand throughout the summer. There is a tournament offered almost every weekend during the summer season.

Is beach as intense as indoor volleyball?

Yes! We train the girls at 692 in the same way that we train professional players and in the same way that our coaches have trained over the years and we take our practices very seriously, however, the atmosphere is a lot more casual in beach volleyball. You won’t see matches with a group of parents standing around screaming. When you are at a tournament, it is up to you how seriously you want to take it, but most of our players are pretty serious about the sport.

Do you have practice if it’s raining? 

Yes! Since our players pay for the entire season and the season is so short, we don’t want to miss any practices. We have found that we can still be productive, even if it is raining. We just ignore the rain and practice anyway. Last summer we did not have a single day of rain during one of our practices, but the year before it rained for five weeks straight at the beginning of the season and we were out there twice a week practicing and training. It was actually kind of fun. It WILL RAIN at tournaments. Two years ago it rained during the USA beach national championship and it didn’t even bother our players because they had played in the rain before. We don’t practice in rain if it is too hard or too cold.

Can players get scholarships for beach volleyball?

Yes! Many of our players have already been signed to beach scholarships, and many others have been made offers. Some schools are looking for players that they can use for indoor AND beach, but most schools are looking for only beach players. The number of schools with beach programs is growing each year and those programs will need players!

How many scholarships will schools offer?

The number of scholarships available will very per division. For example, the NCAA DI legislation allows 6 scholarships to be added over a period of four years, starting with 2 in 2011-12 and one each year for four years thereafter. Keep in mind, this is what each DI school is “allowed” by the NCAA. Funding the scholarships is totally dependant on the university’s athletic administration.

How will the season be formatted for competition?

Each supporting university will be able to compete in a maximum of 16 sand volleyball events during the spring semester. The format for sand volleyball requires each school to field five doubles teams per competition, so there are actually 10 starters for each university. It is important to note that the numbers cited are maximums, institutions will support what they can afford in terms of scholarships, additional staff and competitions.

Where can I find a list of universities that will offer a sand program?

The American Volleyball Coaches’ Association has a list on the following link:


**Read carefully through the document as some schools are not CONFIRMED to hold a program and this list may not be updated to include new schools that have programs.

Can indoor players from the university’s volleyball team play in their sand program?

Yes, indoor players can play sand but the NCAA has put rules in place that benefit schools who keep them separate.

Will schools recruit for sand only or will they look for players who can play both indoor and sand?

Each coach is different in terms of how they plan to shape and recruit for their individual programs. Most coaches want full time beach players, but will supplement their teams with their indoor programs until they can get enough full time players.

How can I get a beach volleyball scholarship?

We are developing a program to help our players get beach volleyball scholarships. They are available out there right now and we have been talking to the coaches of different programs to find out what they are looking for. We have taken recruiting trips to many of the universities to see their facilities and talk to their coaches. We are constantly updating a list of contacts for our players, helping them shoot videos, and taking them to the tournaments they need to go to in order to be seen by these prospective division one Universities. We are doing everything we can to make sure that we have the most comprehensive recruiting program in the country

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