KidsVolley is our program for girls and boys ages 6-10 that are interested in learning more about the game of volleyball and getting outside! This program is designed to teach the fundamental skills of volleyball in a fun and positive atmosphere.

These sessions are instructional and focus on the most basic elements of the game: Pass, Set, Hit. Skills and athletic training are also included throughout the sessions to help teach the hustle and drive needed for sports. Teamwork and communication are always promoted and taught as necessary parts of our game, and of the KidsVolley family.

Our game of volleyball is specially formatted to athletes this age, who are learning the skills, to reinforce our lessons and apply it all in real time. It is a combination of volleyball and nuke ’em, and is a TON of fun. It uses a 3-on-3 style, with 1 player at the net “setting”, and to players in the back court passing and “hitting”.

We start our practices on a juniors court, which is is smaller than a diubles court, and transition to a doubles court as the players progress in ability and confidence. We also start on a lower net and slowly increase the height in the same fashion.

Our upcoming Winter session begins November 7th, and is made up of 6 practices on Sundays from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Cost is $210, which comes out to just $35 per practice. Every athlete needs a KVS ball, which we provide for $20 and is a one time purchase for the length of your time with us, and a t-shirt which we provide for free!

We would love for you to come see what we are all about! The first session is always free, and registration can be done at the beginning of the next session. We also offer a referral program to our players that have been KVS for at least one season: bring a fellow athlete that is interested in the sport, and signs up, and get a discount of one free session! ($35 value) We are interested in growing the sport of beach volleyball, as well as athletics, a healthy lifestyle, and getting outside, so anything we can do to promote that we will!

The 6-session Winter session starts 11/7, and you can join ay ANY time! Come check us out!

We look forward to seeing you in the sand!


For information contact Coach Mark

Phone: (972) 835-2008

Email: [email protected]