We have two elite groups of players within our program that we call our “National Team” and “Training Team” (TEAMs). Each team consists of around 16-30 players and each player tries out as an individual. Tryouts for our TEAMs are on Tuesday, March 8 from 5:00-7:00, and Thursday, March 10 from 5:00-8:00. Eligible players must be registered in our Spring Program and must be in 7th grade to tryout. We only have ONE tryout each year for our TEAMS. Potential players must plan to attend both tryouts. There is a $50 tryout fee for our TEAMs tryout.

We will select four groups on March 8:

Group 1: National Team players that receive automatic spots.
Group 2: Training Team players that are selected to compete for the remaining few National Team spots. This is done in a Queen of the Beach tournament format on March 10. The winners are offered spots on our 2022 National Team, the remaining players are on our 2022 Training Team. These players that do not earn spots on the National Team are alternates and could be moved up later in the season if a spot opens.
Group 3: Training Team players that receive automatic spots.
Group 4: Players that are selected to compete for the remaining Training Team spots. This is done in a Queen of the Beach tournament format on March 3.

The National Team and Training Team each consist of approximately 12-24 girls and the tryout is open to any high school age freshman (or older) currently participating in our spring season. Training Team spots are open to 7th graders.

– Girls who make our TEAMs commit to playing in the Spring AND Summer sessions. We only host ONE tryout each year.

– Partners for players on the National Team are chosen in June by the 692 coaching staff (with input from the players). Our goal is to prepare our National Team for playing beach volleyball in college and this helps prepare them for how college programs function. We allow the players to choose their own partners during the spring season (although we encourage them to try out certain matchups). We assign partners in June for June-July.

– There is an additional fee of $2500 for girls selected to the National Team and $2000 for the Training Team. This fee covers the Summer club fees, the additional practice day for Spring and Summer, the additional equipment that the TEAM’s girls receive, and a $500 deposit for the Beach Camp for the national Team in July (the balance of the National Camp varies but is typically $300-$390 and it is due on June 1). This fee can be made in three payments due Mar 10/April 10/May10. A $1000 deposit is due on Mar 10, with the balance split into two payments due on April 10 and May 10.

– All National Team players attend our Beach Camp in July. We also get BVCA bids for our National Team players and give any remaining bids to our Training Team.